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Massage Therapy 

Massage is a natural therapy that it has been used for thousands of years.  It's physical and psychological benefits, work on many levels to suit individual needs, making it a very versatile and effective treatment.

The benefits of massage include -

Circulation ;  Massage boosts circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient supplies to tissues and eliminating waste products on a cellular level. This is beneficial to localised tissues  but also improves the general health and recovery of most systems of the body.
As well as blood circulation massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which relies on muscular contraction and movement for it to circulate the body.

Scar tissue formation;  Massage can also prevent excessive scar tissue formation where tissues have been damaged. When scar tissue occurs it can prevent as restriction of ranges of movement and tension in muscles, and leading to pain. This is known as the pain cycle, where tension causes pain, pain leads to further tension and so it goes on.  Massage literally breaks down adhesions formed by scar tissue and tears apart the bonds which form them.

Tissue flexibility;  This can be improved with massage by stretching out the muscles, and increasing increased range of movement.

The nervous system;  Nerve receptors in the tissues which control tissue tension are also affected by massage.  The sensory receptors to touch, pressure and temperature are stimulated, leading to further relaxation and a reduction in pain.

By releasing tension massage can restore balance throughout the body and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, having an effect on medical conditions such as insomnia, migraine, digestive disorders and high blood pressure.

Stress and tension;  Non-physical disorders such as emotional stress and depression can lead to overall tension in the body, and massage is an excellent method of relieving such tension.

As well as the numerous physiological health benefits that are offered with massage, many people also enjoy massage purely for relaxation and wellbeing.  Massage can also be a good excuse to treat yourself and feels great!

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