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Corona Virus Update



Following the governments decision to remove domestic legal restrictions regarding COVID 19 in February, there remained a requirement to wear face coverings in regulated healthcare settings, and this has been strictly continued by us at Helston Chiropractic Clinic.

During the last week it has been announced that the Government for England and Wales has now removed the requirement for face coverings as COVID approaches its endemic phase.

It goes without saying that following two long years of PPE, safety has been a paramount principle and we recognise that people are likely to feel ready to 'Drop the Mask' at their own pace.

With this in mind it is important that you feel confident to continue to wear a mask if you choose, and that for the time being I will also continue to wear one.

It has been a long two years and we are all very much ready to return to normal, but the strict cleaning will continue between patients and health status will still be discussed.

It goes without saying that COVID is still around and it is still imperative that you do not attend your appointments if you have any COVID or infectious respiratory symptoms, and if this is the case, then please do not be offended if you are turned away or asked to wear a mask.



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