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Corona Virus Update


In line with the government's easing of the lockdown, we are also now, able to return to a more 'normal' way of working.  Where before we were only able to cautiously see 'urgent' people, we are now cautiously able to see everybody.

There are still a few restrictions in place (of course), but this is to keep everybody safe and we will not able to see anybody with COVID type symptoms (of course).  Consideration will also be used for people in the 'at risk' categories (see link below), and extra precautions will be used in those cases.


Please click link for list of 'at risk' categories

With a strong focus on safety, it is important to put other small measures in place such as, a quick triage phone call before your treatment or filling in a short COVID form.  Your temperature will be checked when entering the building as well as being asked to sanitize your hands.

I have put in place strict cleaning protocol and will be wearing all of the PPE required. Generally mask, gloves and apron. Patients are now required to wear face coverings during appointments in line with government and professional safety guidelines.  Please do not be offended if you are asked to put one on. 

I won't be able to offer as many appointments each week for now, and times will be slightly different due to space needed in between appointments to clean and aerate the room.

If you would like an appointment, then please call or message me and I will get back to you.  

It feels good to be getting back to normal.  Well... sort of normal.






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