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Corona Virus Update


We are very happy to say that we will be reopening again from this Monday 1st June.

There will however, be a few changes, in the short term at least.

I am currently not permitted to see anybody for 'routine' or 'maintenance' treatments and appointments are, for the time being, for 'Essential' or 'Urgent' appointments only. (Escalating or progressive pain that does not respond to conservative measures or medication and might require intervention from another health professional or seriously affecting a persons ability to work)

I would need to assess you over the phone first to make sure that it is ok to see you, and this is really to make sure that you are not in an 'at risk' category.


Please click link for list of 'at risk' categories

So that is nobody over 70, Pregnant or with an underlying, long term health condition. 

I have put in place strict cleaning protocol and have all of the PPE required. Generally mask, gloves and apron. It isn't essential for patients to wear any PPE, but if you prefer to wear a face covering, then please do. 

I won't be able to offer as many appointments each week for now, and times will be slightly different due to space needed in between everyone to clean and aerate the room.

If you would like an appointment, then please call or message me and I will get back to you.






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